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State Medicare Plans

One of the first things an iQuote advisor will ask you is “What state do you live in?”  That’s because you shop for a Medicare health insurance plan by the state in which you reside. Not all insurance companies offer all Medicare insurance plans in all states. Some plans are national and some plans are only offered in certain states or regions.  Plus three states have Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap plans) that are very different than other states: Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Minnesota. Medigap plans are state regulated, so the price of the coverage is specific to the state.  Medicare Advantage plans are federally regulated but very specific not only to the state but county and zip code.

Here are three tips for shopping and comparing Medicare insurance plans in your state:

  1. Make sure the Medigap quotes and Medicare Advantage quotes you get are specific to where you live or will be living if you are moving.  If you split your time between two states, your Medicare state plan should be the state in which you reside (the state you pay taxes in).
  2. If you are moving, don’t assume the plan and company you have now is the right one for your new home. Get quotes from an independent advisor like iQuote.com that can compare plans and prices for you in your new state.  You may find your plan is not available in your new location.  For example, Medicare Advantage plans can differ in availability and price between counties in a state.  Some Medicare Supplement insurance companies don’t offer all plans in all states.
  3. Always compare two or three insurance companies and plans before you buy. And don’t assume that the price or plan your friend has is right one for you. Medigap insurance plan prices can vary by hundreds of dollars for plans that have the same benefits.  Medicare Advantage plans have different co-pays and deductibles, plus you want to make sure that the doctors or facilities you want to use are in the network of the Medicare Advantage plan you are considering. The same is true for Medicare Part D Drug plans where you want to know what drugs are covered at what level and what local pharmacies are in the network.

A national broker like iQuote.com can help you select a Medicare health insurance plan in your state. iQuote can search Medicare health plans for you in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They have tools that let them easily compare the products available in your state and your local area, and will help you identify the right Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement insurance plan based on your health care needs and your budget.  Call 800-352-9742 for a quote in your state or request a Medicare iQuote in your state.



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