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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Medicare annual open enrollment period  is your chance to switch Medicare plans for the coming year.

In the workplace, you probably faced making choices about your health care plans each year in the fall. That’s the time rates and plan benefits would change.  The same is true for certain types of Medicare insurance plans.  Once a year – between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7 – you have a chance to change from your current plan to a different plan.

The Medicare open enrollment period – also referred to as the Medicare annual enrollment period or annual election period (AEP) – impacts Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D drug plans.  If you have one of these plans and want to change to a different plan or drop a plan, the Medicare AEP is the one time during the year when you can do that.  So do not miss the deadline! 

If you have a Medicare supplement plan you can change any time during the year, though you will probably have to answer some medical questions.

The  Medicare open enrollment period is Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. That is the time to sign up for Medicare plans that  will start in January of the coming year.

There are some exceptions to changing plans outside the Medicare annual enrollment period.  If you move you may be able to change plans.  Or if for some reason your plan is terminated you will have an opportunity to change Medicare drug or Medicare Advantage plans. 

Also there are some Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans that you can switch to anytime during the year.  These Medicare plans carry a 5-Star rating, awarded by Medicare.  There are just a handful of insurance companies that are rated 5 stars.

To learn more about the Annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period (Medicare AEP)  you can speak with a Longevity Alliance personal health plan advisor at 1-800-352-9742.  They can help you understand enrollment period options.

If you must wait for the next Medicare annual enrollment period, sign up for our Medicare AEP Reminder Service newsletter at review@longevityalliance.com .  We’ll keep you up to date on changes in Medicare and when the new Medicare health plans are available.  That way you won’t forget when it is time to review your plan for next year!

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