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Why Longevity Alliance for your Medicare Plan

At Longevity Alliance you'll find real choice and the support and guidance you need to make the right decision about your Medicare health insurance plan.

With more than 24 top rated insurance companies nationwide, we'll help you find a plan that matches your needs. Whether you're buying a Medicare plan for the first time or you are looking to switch Medicare insurance plans, our process makes it easy for you to be confident about the plan you choose. Here's our simple 3 Step Process we call The Longevity Way:

Step 1: Educate & Inform

Being informed and educated about Medicare basics and options is very important. You can educate yourself with the information on the left or get more Answers & Advice from our blog. Or just give us a call and we will explain everything to you so you don"t have to do the research yourself. Your iQuote health plan advisor will provide information about Medicare and Medicare health insurance plans. Tell them about your health care needs, any financial considerations and what"s most important for you in a health care plan.

Step 2: Advise

Once you've told your advisor about your situation and health care needs, you and your advisor will discuss your options whether it is Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D. You'll be provided with a choice of plans and Medicare insurance quotes. Your advisor will answer your questions and help guide you to the most appropriate plan. ALL of this assistance is FREE to you.

Here"s an important difference about iQuote: our advisors have no financial incentive to recommend one plan over another to you. Their goal is to simply find the right Medicare health insurance plan for you.

Step 3: Enroll

Once you and your advisor have reviewed the plan options, and you are totally comfortable with the information, you"ll select a plan. We"ll help you with all of the paperwork - no need for you to worry - and work on your behalf with the insurance company to get your policy issued.

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