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Medicare Advantage Plans & Programs

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Medicare Part C plans are usually referred to as Medicare Advantage Plans. They are provided by private insurance companies and cover both hospital stays and doctors visits because they replace Original Medicare insurance (Part A and Part B). The cost for the insurance is usually less than a Medigap insurance plan, but you may face more out of pocket expenses if you frequently use health care services and you will be limited to doctors and hospitals in your plan's network.

The most common forms of Medicare Advantage Plans are Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Like many employer health insurance plans, they restrict the doctors, services and hospitals that you can use to their network. Some let you pay a higher price to go out of network. These Medicare Advantage plans promote preventative care.

You pay copays and deductibles so that you share in the cost of any service you use.

Additional benefits beyond Medicare Part A and Part B are included in most Medicare Advantage programs. They can include prescription drugs and other benefits such as vision, health club membership and dental benefits.

Medicare Advantage plans are very specific to a local area. Before signing up, check to make sure your preferred physicians will accept the Medicare Advantage plan you are considering. And if you travel or spend part of your time out of your primary area, make sure you understand how your plan handles such circumstances.

Why choose a Medicare Advantage Plan?

  • You want the convenience of one plan and are comfortable with being limited to using services within a specified network.
  • You want lower insurance premiums and are willing to share the cost of services through copays and deductibles as you use services.
  • You currently participate in this type of health insurance plan through your employer and feel comfortable with using it for your Medicare benefits.

When you request an iQuote for a Medicare Advantage program, you will receive quotes from a choice of companies in your area.

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